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Protests, Casseroles, and Postings

It’s been a week of protests! First up, the efforts continue Canada-wide to send a strong message to the Conservative government about M312. Click here to link to ARCC’s main page and see a listing of ways you can join the discussion and fight against the motion. Also, check out what the Radical Handmaid’s have … Continue reading

Sign the M312 Petition!

Most of you have heard by now about Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s private members bill, Motion 312. We posted on it on March 15th. M312 is a dangerous motion that has been accepted for debate in Parliament. Despite Stephen Harper’s “promise” that abortion is not open for debate, this bill could easily be the first … Continue reading

“Birth Tourism” fears evidence of Conservative nation-building project: How reproductive rights are being co-opted to create the “ideal” Canada

The Conservative government has found yet another way to diminish reproductive rights in Canada. This time, they’re targeting “foreign nationals” in an attempt to crack down on something they have dubbed with the sensationalist title “birth tourism.” Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney claims that significant numbers of people from other countries are coming … Continue reading