Listed below are a range of campus organizing tools and resources, which are free to use and distribute. (They are all PDF files, unless otherwise stated.)

“Dear Reproductive Freedom Fighter”– Please read the intro letter that explains the tools and resources below

  • Handbook on how to start a pro-choice group on campus (Learn the basics for starting and running your own pro-choice group on campus!  This 34-page handbook explains how to determine if your campus needs one, how to structure it, recruit members, run meetings, carry out activities, raise funds, and sustain your group.)

Information Sheets and Brochures


Resource List

  • Pro-Choice Organizations
  • Pro-Choice Films– A list of pro-choice films and documentaries. Hand out as a resource, or host a film night or film festival! Some of these can be found at your local video store, while others will need to be ordered. (Ordering information for most of them can be found here:


External Resources