Protests, Casseroles, and Postings

It’s been a week of protests!

First up, the efforts continue Canada-wide to send a strong message to the Conservative government about M312. Click here to link to ARCC’s main page and see a listing of ways you can join the discussion and fight against the motion. Also, check out what the Radical Handmaid’s have planned.

Second, protests are also being held Canada-wide against the “new” abortion caravan. I already posted about the caravan here. Protests are planned for Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. For those interested in organizing their own protest, here is a listing of the caravan’s stops.

Third, here is a posting detailing one woman’s experience at the Vancouver protest against the anti-abortion caravan. It’s a good read that asks us to consider the ways that women’s sexuality is policed, both literally and figuratively, at reproductive rights events. As her experience details, there is a dominant attitude in Canada, spurred on by the ideology of the pro-life movement, which tries to link “morality,” reproduction, and abortion in a way that de-sexualizes reproductive politics.

Last, and not unrelated, this week groups have been organizing protests across Canada in support of the Quebec students. Casserole nights are planned for Vancouver and many other cities on June 6th and on following evenings. Part of a growing unrest with the way young people are being treated by government policies, including (but not only related to) tuition increases and lack of financial resources, these protests have become a way for people to express their frustration with a range of issues, including the Conservative government’s (lack of) environmental agenda, the corporatization of our universities, and the Quebec government’s passing of Bill 78. Check out this listing on FB to join an event near you.


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