Posted in September 2012

SSA and sexism

There has been so much going on with M312, Rona Ambrose’s comments, and the new bill being put forth to condemn sex selective abortion. I have barely had time to gather my thoughts on it all and know I need to write something substantial about what is happening. For now, however, I want to share … Continue reading

REMINDER: Action at 10am tomorrow in Vancouver

Reminder that tomorrow (September 25) we are protesting M-312 at 10am (Vancouver time) at the Vancouver Art Gallery, This is a joint event of The BC Federation of Labour and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada to oppose  M-312 – a private member’s motion that is a back door attempt to re-open the debate on abortion and restrict … Continue reading

Action in Vancouver on September 25th

The Women’s Committee of the BC Fed is planning to stage an action on Tuesday Sept 25.  Here’s the prep and the contact person. Expect a FB page soon: Thursday 4 – 8 pm @ BCFed Offices:  Creating signs and costumes for an action is being planned for Tuesday Sept 25th to help link the nation … Continue reading

URGENT – Please help defeat motion 312!

I have been having a hard time keeping up with everything that is going plus the start of a new semester. If I am missing any events or interesting actions, please leave me a comment. This is what I managed to note this week: First: Motion 312. Journalist Chantal Herbert thinks that the September 26 vote … Continue reading

Actions, events, and drinking games

There is an event going on September 26th in Windsor, Ontario, to support safe and accessible abortion. It is a benefit show and the details can be found here. There is also an event the same day in Vancouver, BC, in (early) celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Morgentaler decision and in benefit of the Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic. … Continue reading