Posted in August 2012

A Crushing Defeat for M312

We are in the final weeks before Motion 312 is debated again (Sept 21) and finally voted on (Sept 26).  PLEASE take a few minutes and lend your voice to this campaign. Even if you’ve already written your MP, please remind them again. If you’ve signed a petition already, please print one out and ask others … Continue reading

Akin and more…

The new semester is just around the corner, but there has been a lot going on at the end of summer to do with reproduction in the media. I am sure everyone has heard about Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin’s comments on “legitimate rape” by now. Here are some interesting responses (the last is hilarious!): Also, as … Continue reading

Choice and Childhood

I have writing and reading a lot this week about the idea of choice and how we talk about it. Two things came across my desktop that I think are related. The first is an article written in Slate by Emily Rapp, who is dealing with her son’s genetic disease, which is slowly killing him. … Continue reading