Sign the M312 Petition!

Most of you have heard by now about Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s private members bill, Motion 312. We posted on it on March 15th.

M312 is a dangerous motion that has been accepted for debate in Parliament. Despite Stephen Harper’s “promise” that abortion is not open for debate, this bill could easily be the first step in re-criminalization. It calls for a Parliamentary Committee to examine whether the Criminal Code definition of “human being” should be expanded to include fetuses (see the full wording on Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s website). This threatens to give legal personhood to fetuses, allow for the re-criminalization of abortion, and deny the constitutional rights of all pregnant women.

The motion is scheduled for one hour of debate on April 26, with a further debate and vote in June, or possibly the fall. We must ensure this motion is defeated! Please click here to sign our petition.

Also, click here for information on sending a letter to your MP, or here for ideas about joining or starting an action.

Let’s stop M312 and send a clear message that a pregnant woman’s bodily integrity is not up for debate!


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