Pro-Choice Basics

“Abortion in Canada: History, Law, and Access” – A thorough treatment of
Canadian issues (from 1999).

“What Pro-Choice Really Means” Pro-choice for dummies, or, what really goes
on at abortion clinics.

“Pro-Choice Is Not Pro-Abortion” Pro-choice means
recognizing that women have the right to say if and when they will bear
children and demanding that this right be respected.  Pro-choice means
exactly what it sounds like.  It is about ‘choice’ in the true sense of the

“Reclaiming Choice for Native Women” by Jessica Yee

“The Case for Repealing All Abortion Laws” In every country, all abortion
laws and restrictions should be repealed as unconstitutional violations of
women’s rights and equality.  This article explains in detail why abortion
laws are harmful and useless, using evidence from Canada’s example.

“Why I Provide Abortions”, by Dr. William F. Harrison. This deeply moving piece describes the journey of a doctor who felt ethically compelled to provide abortion for his patients.

“A Youth Activist’s Guide to Sexual and Reproductive Rights”, by the Youth Coalition. This guide provides an overview of sexual and reproductive rights that are protected by international and regional human rights treaties and other agreements; shows how these rights apply to adolescents and young people; and discusses ways that young people can advocate for their sexual and reproductive rightswithin their countries, regions, and globally.