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Here we go again!

Well it has been months since we’ve had a posting here at Synergy, but now that September is in full swing and classes are back on campuses across Canada, it is time to get posting about reproductive rights and university life. There has been some news with ARCC over the summer that you can read … Continue reading

Protests, Casseroles, and Postings

It’s been a week of protests! First up, the efforts continue Canada-wide to send a strong message to the Conservative government about M312. Click here to link to ARCC’s main page and see a listing of ways you can join the discussion and fight against the motion. Also, check out what the Radical Handmaid’s have … Continue reading

Event Report: ‘Positively Pro-Choice’ at SFU

How do you foster meaningful dialogue with a group that specifically attempts to engage student body members in didactic conversations aimed at guilting and shocking people into anti-choice thought, where they preach and you nod? Quite simply, you don’t. You create your own safe space where you can have actual conversations that raise new points, … Continue reading