Here we go again!

Well it has been months since we’ve had a posting here at Synergy, but now that September is in full swing and classes are back on campuses across Canada, it is time to get posting about reproductive rights and university life.

There has been some news with ARCC over the summer that you can read about here. Happily, a lawsuit that was brought against ARCC’s Executive Director, Joyce Arthur, by 2 anti-choice crisis pregnancy centres, was dismissed. Joyce speaks about  it here, and you can read an article about it from the Straight here.

Finally, on a related note, and regarding control over women’s bodies, there have been two disturbing incidents at university campuses (one at SMU and the other at UBC) with student groups using rape chants as part of “frosh” activities. What has been most disturbing to me is the way the media has consistently referred to the chants as “about non-consensual sex” rather than rape. Non-consensual sex IS rape. That is the definition. And this is a reminder of how dangerous it is to create moral “grey areas” with our language that allow us to strip women of agency over their own bodies. The CBC even reported that the chant “suggested” rape, when it in fact explicitly encourages it. The media’s framing  undermines and dismisses the  significance of the chants in the guise of discussing them. Read two responses (here and here) that drive these points home and do the heavy lifting the media has not.

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