Student Events- Week of October 30

I am a bit late on advertising these events, but want to mention them anyway, even just so people know what is going on out there right now and what students are doing.  On Monday, the 28th, students at the University of Calgary held an umbrella drive in order to give out information about sexual health, reproductive rights, and abortion in Canada. The  umbrellas will be used in their counter protest on November 4th, when the Genocide Awareness Project will make an appearance on their campus. Students at Brock are holding a protest on October 30 about the disciplinary actions being taken against 2 pro-choice protesters.  Following a peaceful demonstration at an on-campus pro-life event, which openly advocated for jailing women for abortions Brock University is seeking to punish two demonstrators with penalties up to and including expulsion. The organizers state: “They are trying to make an example of them and are using the Brock Code of Conduct to intimidate the student body and prevent future peaceful on-campus demonstrations. They are also attempting to charge for criminal offenses such as assault outside of the justice system, with no judge presiding or legal representatives present.” You can read more about what has been happening at Brock here and here. Finally, students at UBC are holding a “Take Back the Night” march at 5pm on October 30 in response to the 6 sexual assaults that have happened on campus.


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