International Day of Action for Women’s Health

Today, May 28th, is the International Day of Action for Women’s Health. This year’s theme is “Access to Contraceptive is a Human Right,” and  the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights group is calling for action. While the group focuses on contraceptives such as condoms or the birth control pill, I want to add that abortion should be considered part of this platform, and as key part of women’s reproductive health. They do note that it is estimated that, globally, “47 000 women will die as a result of unsafe abortion due to their inability to access reliable contraceptive methods and due to the denial of access  to safe abortion services.” These two facts are intimately connected. If you’re curious, below is a list of their suggested actions, taken from their website.

  Send a letter to your Ministry of Health asking for the fulfillment of its obligations to ensure
access to free or affordable sexual and reproductive health services including
contraceptive services and information.
  Occupy the social media on May 28 with hash tags #May28DayofAction
  Contribute to the WGNRR crowd-sourcing video that will highlight concerns, views,
statements, opinions on Access to Contraceptives.
  Create safe places for discussions about your experiences: Develop strategies to
mobilise and organise locally for access to contraceptives to be affirmed as a human
right, and to confront violations you have experienced.
 Hold local forums and public meetings to raise awareness about the urgent need to
defend sexual and reproductive rights as universal, indivisible human rights.
  Organise public actions with banners, leaflets, music, dance, photo exhibits and other
creative forms of expression to raise the profile of your local demands for the respect of
reproductive and sexual rights.
  Demand that sexual and reproductive health services (SRHR) are included in the new
development agenda targets. SRHR is required to reduce poverty, increase health and well- being for all people and promote gender equity.

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