End of the Semester News

Well the semester is finally over. I love this time of year. I’ve been attached to or working at a university all of my adult life, and this time of year always feel exciting to me. Now that I have some time to catch up on reproductive news, there are few things of interest.

First, Warawa dropped his bid for a vote on sex-selective abortion- yeah! It was nice to see this go nowhere, but I do assume that Warawa’s bid will be followed by further pushes by the Conservatives to keep abortion in the spotlight. I wouldn’t be surprised if something comes up in the next few months.

Second, and unfortunately, Alberta has stripped funding for low-cost contraceptives for vulnerable women. People will now need to go into a clinic and prove they can’t pay for contraceptives before they are eligible. The government says this not about the budget, but with the major slashes that have been happening in the province, especially in higher education, it’s hard to imagine they are not related.

Finally, and speaking of education, some amazing news out of Ontario that high schools there will now offer Gender Studies. You can read all about the  5 university students who made this happen here. After many long years of petitioning, they have been able get Gender Studies into the curriculum. I always thought that teenagers should be given the language to talk about the concept of gender. I know I certainly would have liked to be able to speak about what was happening around me in high school, and to have been able to talk about things like sexuality, consent, and how masculinity and femininity are socially constructed.


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