Motion 408 news

Here’s the news on Motion 408 in case you need some details or are wondering what it is all about.

Motion 408 is a Motion by Conservative MP Mark Warawa to condemn sex-selective abortion. It is another attempt at criminalizing abortion, and does nothing to address any of the reasons why sex-selective abortion exists.  It has been deemed non-votable by unanimous vote of the subcommittee charged with overseeing private members`business. Across all the parties, it was deemed non-votable, but anti-abortionists are still upset. I imagine it will stay in the media as appeals go forward. In the meantime, you can answer a poll about it here.

In other anti news, the GAP protest at UBC was very effectively counter-protested. Lots of students came out to oppose the GAP and I also heard a lot of discussion around campus by students who were either a) irritated the GAP was there or b) thought there must be some way to stop them from coming in the future. Overall, the feeling was that the GAP was wasting their time. I heard the GAP protest was cancelled at SFU as well!! Maybe this group is finally losing steam.


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