Anti-news, but also positive news

Some more anti- choice news:  Conservatives continue to attack abortion with Wladyslaw Lizon, Member of Parliament for Mississauga Cooksville East, trying to get the RCMP to investigate late-term abortions as murders. As others have noted, it’s important to see these seemingly “crazy” or “far-fetched” moves as part of a bigger picture and in relation to other attempts to limit abortion rights and access, such as Motion 408. These moves are part of a orchestrated effort to limit abortion access by any means available and to keep the issue in the news. Speaking of which, although Motion 312 has been voted on, some MPs are not letting it go. So, you too can vote for continued access to abortion with this survey related to Motion 312 on this anti-choice MPs website (right hand side).

For more sex positive news- check out he Museum of Vancouver’s new exhibit, called Sex Talk in the City. I haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard that it is really great. Whether you might agree or not with everything the museum is showing and the way it is presenting the information, it is great that the exhibit is getting people talking about sex and choice in a positive manner. As the museum website states, the point is to think about how people in “Vancouver learn about sexuality, define pleasure, and respond to particular politics. Sex Talk in the City addresses issues of sexual expression, diversity, politics, and education in a fun, approachable, and thought-provoking manner. Sex isn’t only biological, it’s cultural.”

I couldn’t agree more. Sex is cultural, reproduction is cultural, reproductive and sexual politics are cultural!



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