What you should know about Motion 408

Check out this great articleon Motion 408 taken from Rabble.ca. It outlines the ways that Motion 408 naturalizes sexism and racism, and then tries to take the moral high ground on the issue of “discrimination.” As I’ve said here and elsewhere, no one is in favour of sex selective abortion, but the key to understanding SSA is not to be found in M408. Rather, we need to have some frank discussions about sexism itself. As the article states: “While up-in-arms to defend “female fetuses,” the Conservatives are silent about discrimination affecting women — missing and murdered aboriginal women and the denial of indigenous sovereignty, criminalization and cuts to refugees, disability oppression, lack of childcare and pay equity, homophobia and transphobia, defunding of women’s groups nationally and internationally, and threats to abortion rights.” Motion 408 ignores this larger context and thereby ignores the larger culture of misogyny  that contributes to SSA itself.

Its purpose is not to challenge misogyny, it is to continue to challenge abortion rights.




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