SSA and sexism

There has been so much going on with M312, Rona Ambrose’s comments, and the new bill being put forth to condemn sex selective abortion. I have barely had time to gather my thoughts on it all and know I need to write something substantial about what is happening. For now, however, I want to share these thoughts:

First, as many people have pointed out (including here and here), Rona Ambrose should not be the person responsible for advocating for women’s rights in this country.

Second, I don’t buy for a second that Harper has not orchestrated this entire thing and that this isn’t the beginning of opening the abortion debate.

Last, if we want to end SSA or sex selective abortion, we need to end sexism and misogyny, not control women’s reproductive decisions. This is probably the best article I have read explaining why the rhetoric around SSA is disingenuous.




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