A Crushing Defeat for M312

We are in the final weeks before Motion 312 is debated again (Sept 21) and finally voted on (Sept 26).  PLEASE take a few minutes and lend your voice to this campaign. Even if you’ve already written your MP, please remind them again. If you’ve signed a petition already, please print one out and ask others to sign it.  Here is a lost of ARCC’s tools and their priority actions:

1.      Sign and send paper petitions to Ottawa (they must arrive in Parliament by Sept 19 latest to be processed and certified before being presented).

2.      Blitz anti-choice MPs and those with an unknown stance to ask them to oppose the motion (letters, phone calls, postcards, knitted wombs).

3.      Contact your own MP to oppose the motion, and if pro-choice, ask them to be present for the vote  (letter, postcard, phone call, visit).

4.      Send postcards to MPs – we have a fresh supply of anti-motion postcards in English or French – please order from info@arcc-cdac.ca, let us know quantity desired and your mailing address; we’ll pay postage.

5.      Sign our online petition if you haven’t already – although not ‘official’ we will send it to Ottawa just prior to the vote, and do more publicity around it.

6.      Attend or organize a Radical Handmaids event. (website, Facebook page)


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