Counter Protesting the “New” Abortion Caravan

I’m out of town right now and don’t have a ton of time to write this, but wanted to let you know about an important event happening in Vancouver on Tuesday, May 29 at the VAG.

On Tuesday, May 29th, a group of anti-choice youth will set out on a trip across Canada to spread anti-choice propaganda. Here is a link to their page if you want to check them out. They are calling themselves the “new” abortion caravan in a obvious appropriation of the original caravan from 1970.

There will be a counter protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Tuesday at 11:30am. Here is a link to the FB page for the event, organized by SFU students. Go! I would if I was in town.

Other protests are being arranged in Toronto and Calgary. Stay tuned for more info…


2 thoughts on “Counter Protesting the “New” Abortion Caravan

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