Analyzing M312

Much of the media surrounding M312 has died down, but there have been some really great responses to the debate, including this article by ARCC’s very own Joyce Arthur titled “The Science and Art of Defeating Motion 312.”

A lot of talk this week has focused on Conservative Whip Gordon O’Conner’s attack on M312 and his stance of support for a woman’s right to choose.  Some people have taken this as a clear indication that the Conservatives are not going to allow any attempts to recriminalize abortion, but others have pointed out that the fact that M312 was allowed to go forth was an attacks on women.  I think Abortion Gang puts it best by stating this: “To be clear, nobody ever thought this would go anywhere, or that Woodworth would succeed in making any changes to the law, let alone changing the legal status of abortion. It is the fact that we are having this conversation that is such a slap in the face to Canadian women. It is terrifying that our rights are so fragile, we can “open the conversation” on a whim, even under a government whose leader promised he would not reopen the debate. Whoops, Harper, looks like that one got away from you!”

You can read the rest of their great post here.

On related notes, major cuts to women’s health groups in Canada were announced this week, and the New York Times posted a great article on the dangers of fetal personhood laws and initiatives.

Happy reading!


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