Why we should raise lots of money for abortions in PEI

Recently, an organization called The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation held their Active-8 campaign for youth activism on the East Coast; the winner received $1000 towards their cause. One of the front-runners, Kandace Hagen, was hoping to raise money for the PEI Reproductive Rights Organization (PRRO). Unfortunately, some anti-choicers got wind of the contest and pledged with the other front-runner (who also has an awesome cause). Luckily, Active 8 is a pretty legit campaign and announced both youth activists as winners. They both received $1000 and Kandace will be using the $1000 to help women in PEI access abortion services (of which there are none on the Island). Kandace came back from behind after the other youth activist gained 100 pledges overnight following an email from PEI Right to Life.

Luckily, Pedgehog at “Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome” is brilliant and decided to fundraise the $1000 herself if Kandace didn’t win. Kandace did win, but why stop there? If pro-choice groups across the country held fundraisers, even if each group only raised $100, we could easily raise way more than the $1000 the anti-choicers tried to steal from Kandace. All this money would directly help women in PEI access abortion services and anti-choicers would have to live with the knowledge that even more abortions were funded because of their douchebaggery. Moreover, both contest winners still received $1000 for their cause, so it’s wins all around (unless you’re PEI Right to Life).

This is a call to action to pro-choice groups across the country to let anti-choicers know we will not tolerate them interfering in a woman’s access to abortion services. We need to remind them the pro-choice movement is strong and cares about women. The pro-choice movement cannot be bullied.

We need to show anti-choicers that people from across the country support Kandace and support the decision of Active 8 to announce both women as winners. We need to show them people across the country support safe, accessible abortions for all women, including those in PEI, and support organizations like PRRO who are demanding better from PEI and all governments when it comes to reproductive health services. And finally, we need to show them we will not stop fighting until everyone has not only the right to safe, affordable abortion services, but the support they need to make whatever decisions are right for them.

There has already been $250 raised for Kandace and PRRO. Donations can be made at http://prro.chipin.com/prro. If you and your organization host a fundraiser for abortion access in PEI we’d love to hear what you’re doing! Send an email to arccsynergy@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “Why we should raise lots of money for abortions in PEI

  1. Everyone has the right to make pledges and support a candidate.Why is it douchbaggery to rally behind another candidate if you truly believe that bringing abortion services to your community is ill-advised? I see a lack of respect here for other people’s viewpoints and it seem an attitude adjustment is in order here.

  2. It’s douchebaggery to use Kandace’s competitor as a method to sabotage Kandace, when that competitor made it clear she had no wish to be used like that.

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