Bringing you the headlines dealing with reproductive justice in Canada – broadly defined (violence, class and race, labour rights, childcare, etc). Please email and inform us of any headlines that you find relevant.

The Chronicle Herald: Abortion returns to Island political stage. December 18, 2011.

National Post: Anti-abortion activist Linda Gibbons arrested at Toronto clinic for once again defying court order. December 16, 2011.

National Post: No change to abortion funding on P.E.I.: minister. December 15, 2011.

CBC News: Health minister meets with those for and against abortions. December 14, 2011.

The Guardian: Abortion groups meet with health minister. December 14, 2011.

Vancouver Sun: Relentless anti-abortion protester takes legal fight to Supreme Court.  December 14, 2011.

The Chronicle: Dunnville responds to anti-abortion display. December 14, 2011.

Globe and Mail: Abortion, gay marriage could be next on the chopping block, Chrétien warns. December 13, 2011.

The Record: Study shows unwanted pregnancy – not abortion – raises the risk of mental health problems.  December 8, 2011.

The Guardian: Medical society president explains silence on abortion. November 29, 2011.

CBC News: Group demands information on abortion rights. November 29, 2011.

Globe and Mail: Activists push lack of in-province abortion onto PEI agenda. November 25, 2011.

The Guardian: P.E.I. government could be sued over lack of abortion: national advocacy coalition. November 24, 2011.

CBC News: No barrier to abortion on P.E.I. November 24, 2011.

AARC Press: PEI violating law and endangering women by not providing abortions on island. November 23, 2011.

CBC News: Off-island abortion costs hidden, P.E.I. warned. November 22, 2011.

CBC News: Tighten abortion guidelines, say activists. November 21, 2011.

CBC News: Groups pleased with Charlottetown abortion rally. November 20, 2011.

CBC News: P.E.I. abortion rally brings both sides of the debate. November 19, 2011.

The Guardian: Abortion policies need to change. November 18, 2011.

National Post: Pro-lifers give themselves a warm fuzzy. November 18, 2011.

The Spec: Anti-abortion zealot’s victim wishes he was warned. November 18, 2011.

The Guardian: Abortion rallies planned for Saturday. November 17, 2011.

National Post: Abortion rate on the decline, study finds. November 17, 2011.

CBC News: Abortion hot topic at Health P.E.I. meeting. November 16, 2011.

Kings County News: Seeking gender equality. November 16, 2011.

National Post: P.E.I. abortion ban challenged by new pro-choice movement. November 16, 2011.

Metro News: Pro-lifers put “army” to work. November 15, 2011.

CBC News: Rodd says province doesn’t support women. November 12, 2011.

Winnipeg Free Press: A Shot in the Dark: They Shoot Doctors, Don’t They? – an excerpt. November 12, 2011.

Winnipeg Free Press: Taking a stand on abortion: Heated debate as pro-choice, pro-life activists take to streets. November 7, 2011.

Daily Gleaner, New Brunswick: Anti-abortion activist awaits criminal trial. January 10, 2011The Opinionator (blog): Abortion Takes Flight(about Ireland). December 30, 2010National Union of Public and General Employees: NUPGE applauds defeat of anti-abortion Bill C-510. December 22, 2010

RH Reality Check: In the Category Of “They Must Be Kidding,” the United Nations Puts Stephen Harper in Charge of Accountability of Women’s Health. December 17, 2010

Georgia Straight: Stephen Harper’s religion clouds aid in Afghanistan. December 16, 2010

Toronto Sun: MPs vote down bill to stop coerced abortion. December 16, 2010

Toronto Star: Story of the Year (G8 Maternal/Child health initiative). December 15, 2010

Statistics Canada: Therapeutic Abortion Data2007 data, 2008 data. December 15, 2010

NOW Magazine (Toronto): Preying on Abortion. December 9-16, 2010

Gender Focus (blog): Bill C-510 Patronizes Women Seeking Abortions. December 8, 2010

LifeSiteNews (anti-choice source): Carleton University proposes special limits on pro-life activity, Dec 1, 2010

National Post: Anti-abortion group plans to take Carleton student association to court,  Nov 19, 2010

Canadian Press: Carleton may change policies to allow anti-abortion group to register as club, Nov 18, 2010

CBC: Carleton anti-abortion club status reviewed, Nov 18, 2010

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (press release): Survey: 64% of Abortion Clinics in Canada Experience Protesters, Nov 16, 2010

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (full report): A Survey of Anti-Chocie Protesting Activity at Canadian Abortion Clinics, Nov 16, 2010

United Church Observer: Abortion wars: the next front, Nov 2010

New Brunswick Telegraph: Probe Called Over Abortion Policy (Complaint: New Brunswick Human Rights Commission says it will examine how province pays for procedure) Nov 3, 2010

Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome: An Abortion Law We Can All Roll Our Eyes At Nov 2, 2010

Toronto Star: Feminomics: calculating the value of ‘women’s work’ Oct 30, 2010

Toronto Star: Will ‘Roxanne’s Law’ turn back clock? Oct 29, 2010

Actupinsask: Anti-choice ads violate advertising standards Oct 28, 2010

Ottawa Citizen: Reproductive rights are not up for debate Oct 27, 2010

Lifesitenews: Anti-choice newsProvincial Court to Rule on Freedom of Speech Case at U of Calgary Oct 25, 2010

Xtra: Radical mime takes on Ottawa anti-choice protesters Oct 15, 2010


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